Dr. Pepel’s Integrative Approach: Bridging Conventional and Naturopathic Medicine for Holistic Healing

Dr. Pepel is a leading naturopathic doctor serving the Portland and Wilsonville communities, offering a bridge between conventional and naturopathic medicine. Conventional medicine does not always have the answer. Naturopathic medicine can be either a substitute for or complement to conventional medicine. Unlike Western medicine that merely attempts to manage the symptoms of chronic conditions, naturopathic medicine looks for the deeper causes in order to reverse the disease process. Dr Pepel takes an integrative approach based on her training and experience as a medical doctor trained in naturopathic medicine.

Here are some of Dr. Pepel’s most common cases:

Fatigue — a very common complaint, ranging from common overexertion to chronic fatigue syndrome, may be caused by daily stress or by serious medical conditions.

Depressive Disorders — rather than focus only of the symptoms and traditional prescriptive methods of dealing with depression, one must look at and address the deeper causes. Sometimes, even a hormonal imbalance can cause depression.

Sex Hormones Imbalances and Diseases — the use of Bio-Identical Hormones when the hormones level decreases below the optimal levels can make a huge difference in men and women suffering from fatigue, lack of stamina, low mood, Low motivation, Low sex drive, aging skin.

Thyroid Diseases — the use of thyroid hormone supplementation containing both T3 and T4 instead of the use of levothyroxine (Synthroid) containing only T4 may improve a lot the metabolic processes regulated by thyroid hormones, hence the symptoms of the thyroid disease.

Headaches/Migraines — solutions can be as simple as avoiding food allergens that can be tested with a finger prick. Hormone imbalances and chemical imbalances in the brain can also be tested with lab tests not normally used by conventional medicine.

Psychiatric Disorders — prescription medications have severe side-effects. Neurotransmitter testing is available to identify the deeper causes and offer solutions for effectively treating and avoiding the side-effects of prescription medication.

Allergies, Asthma, Sinusitis — allergy testing commonly thought to be comprehensive falls short because not all allergic reactions are visible

Skin Disorders — eczema, psoriasis and acne are common conditions treated successfully. The skin is the largest organ of the body, and treating the skin from inside out has proven more successful than using topical applications.

Digestive Disorders — includes irritable bowel syndrome, and traditional naturopathic remedies are routinely more effective against these disorders than commonly prescribed medications.

A Commitment To Our Patients

Dr. Pepel Family Practice LLC is committed to offer the best personalized health care to their patients. Integrating the knowledge and experience of Western Medicine and Naturopathic Medicine, we support you in the process of becoming the highest YOU: healthier, more vital, happier, no matter where you are in this process. We honor your uniqueness, and offer customized health care, tailored to your individual needs. We do take the extra mile to meet you where you are on the healing path.