“Thank you so much for taking care of me earlier this month.  After two weeks of being sick, I felt MUCH better after visiting you.  The very next day, I woke up feeling better for the first time, and I even showed signs of improvement that night after our visit.  I have been bragging about the vitamin cocktail you gave me intravenously.  I have even been sleeping better too, so thank you very much!  Talk soon.”
– Dina G

“My experiences as a patient with Dr. Pepel have been great.  She has well rounded skills of observation and thorough assessment from her experience as a medical and natural doctor.

My compliment to her skill level is based on my own experience as a registered nurse.
The skeptic can also appreciate that much of the natural treatments she has prescribed for me have scientifically been proven for their efficacy in the medical world.

I always leave Dr Pepel’s office feeling better than when I arrived. My appointments with Dr. Pepel are not rushed and impersonal. I feel heard when I speak. It is a wonderful feeling to leave Dr. Pepel’s office feeling like a refreshed, individual with a renewed hope that my health can improve. So many times I have left other medical clinics feeling rushed out like patient #32, not truly heard with a drug prescription in hand. It isn’t every day that you meet an effective doctor with a great bedside manner.”
– Sincerely, Ebony T. Johnson BSN, RN

“Over the past couple of years, I had been suffering from migraines on an increasing basis.  I tried traditional medicine which did not fully work, and even found myself needing increasing amounts of medication.

I went to see Dr. Pepel, and she carefully considered all areas of my life, and looked for the cause of my migraines at the same time that she sought a solution.  She provided me with a personalized vitamin program that has successfully reduced my migraines.  
I truly appreciate Dr. Pepel’s genuine and ongoing concern for her patients and I highly recommend her!”
– Joy M.

“When I visited Dr. Pepel’s Family Practice … I had the most life changing experience for my own life and my childrens lives.  Dr. Pepel has given me confidence in natural remedies. She cared for my toddler son, when no other doctor could cure his ailment.  Along with our healthy lifestyle these natural remedies she has helped us include into daily routine have given us clarity, freedom from allergies and knowledge about natural healing. Thank you, Dr. Pepel! And furthermore, my son adores her smile and attention.”
– Valerie Hennessy

“My family urged me to get help but after consulting with my traditional medical doctor I found she was limited to offering synthetic antidepressants. The side effects were worse than the depression to me and being drugged just left me feeling more lost than before. Antidepressants and pills for pain were just a band aid on a problem that would stay with me until I could figure out what was causing the symptoms of my illness. The worst part was that I had so many great things in my life, family, work, a home, friends, and creative ventures, but I couldn’t enjoy any of these things because I didn’t have the strength to see past the cloud of depression and pain.

I was fortunate to find Dr. Pepel, she took the time to consider all of the aspects of my life, past, present, stress, fears and cycles of pain. She helped me to plan healthy eating habits and created a vitamin regiment specifically suited to my needs. Dr. Pepel addressed my illness with natural remedies and through her guidance I finally feel like I can enjoy true health. I have the strength I need to deal with life and be happy again.”
– Thanks,  Bonnie Veronica

“Dr. Pepel is one of the few doctors that actually would go the extra mile for her patients!   Just recently I developed some food allergies, felt short of breath which she thought it might be asthma. And I wanted to see a naturopath to help me get over my allergies and control if indeed I had asthma.  When I called Dr. Pepel she immediately made an appointment for me to see her, and tried to find the best solution for me to feel better.

One Saturday night I wasn’t feeling to well; I had called Dr. Pepel to notify her of my symptoms, and she gave me step by step instructions of what remedies to use to feel better.  Everything she told me worked and I felt great.  She even mentioned that if I don’t feel any better she would come and see me at home!  Any doctor that is willing to see their patients at ten o’clock at night to be assured that they feel better is a doctor that I would see at any time.  I am very happy with Dr. Pepel; she makes every effort to help her patients feel better.”

Thank you very much Dr. Pepel,
– Lori D.

“I asked Dr. Pepel for help when my daughter when she was 7 mos old. She was having difficulty sleeping at night and had habitual constipation, which was quite painful at times. I was reluctant to give such a small baby medications, and I had taken her to another naturopathic physician, but the treatment given, a generic mixture, had not helped at all. Dr. Pepel spent a lot of time carefully asking me about her symptoms, my pregnancy, the baby’s habits. She then recommended a homeopathic remedy.

One month afterwards my daughter was sleeping through the night and had regular bowel habits, all prior troubles now gone!Dr. Pepel then followed-up with a phone call to ensure that she was doing well and there were no other problems. I am very grateful to Dr. Pepel for all the attention she gave my daughter. As a physician myself, I am very impressed with Dr. Pepel’s clinical acumen, attention to detail, knowledge and caring, and warmly recommend her to anyone in need of advice.”
– Samantha’s Mom

“Going to Dr. Pepel brought me back to a condition of health.  I am very happy with the results!

Her unique ability to handle each patient individually and differently from any other patient, especially since I had a very uncommon diagnosis, was much appreciated.   I can highly recommend Dr. Pepel, and I wish every one such a positive experience.”
– Katharina Collins, Montessori teacher

“I got to know Dr Pepel this summer. I was very sick from unknown causes, and couldn’t leave the house to go to the doctor. Emergency room was the other option my family suggested, but with no medical insurance to cover the high cost…

Luckily enough, my daughter called Dr. Pepel Family Practice for advice.  Dr Pepel asked about my disease, and offered to do a house visit. And the price was not higher than a regular office visit! She did a thorough consultation, and came up with my diagnosis and a personalized treatment plan. She then closely monitored my progress with phone calls and follow up home visits.

Can you imagine how many thousands of dollars we saved by trusting Dr Pepel’s clinical judgment, instead of going to the emergency room? Not to mention all the healthy lifestyle tips I learned from her!

I enthusiastically recommend Dr Pepel as a good specialist, offering a rare blend of experience and knowledge in both the mainstream western medicine, as well as naturopathic medicine. She is very resourceful, analytical, and has a unique combination of tenacity, willingness to help, and great interpersonal skills.”
– Dina C.